Simple Crimping tool

Simple crimping tool

Remarkable point 1

Proof of safety & confidence: "MADE IN JAPAN". We have pursued high reliability of the products themselves, by consistently sticking to "Made in Japan" from design to manufacturing. Since their release in 1999, they have received good feedback primarily as crimping tools for automobiles.

Remarkable point 2

Since it is lighter and more compact than conventional crimp tools, workefficiency improves at a narrow space such an engine room.

Remarkable point 3

Using socket wrench (17mm) to crimp various type terminals, and enables to reduce the road of crimping operation.

Remarkable point 4

The vibration of engine and car body affect to loosen the connection between the battery terminal and wiring and it causes the power reduction / contact failure. That phenomenon causes troubles of Battery depletion or Malfunction of electronic components.

Since 1988, we adopted the special crimping way to avoid the looseness of crimping point and keep the battery in high level efficiency and have a good reputation from automotive and two-wheelers mechanics in Japan.

Fully exhibit its intrinsic storage battery performance by installing (crimping) battery terminals and electric wires more safely and more securely.

*The tensile strength at the crimp part of D-19N and D-20N complies with JASO standards established by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE). This allows safe and secure crimping operation.

JASO tandards: Industrial standards established by a public interest incorporated association called "the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE)".

Example of crimp application products
Plate type battery terminal
Parts DCPS22-1 Parts DCPL38-1 Parts DCPL60-1
DCPS22-2 DCPL38-2 DCPL60-2
tool D-19N tool D-19N D-20N tool D-20N
Round shape terminal Round shape terminal Round shape terminal Butt splice terminal Parallel splice terminal
Parts DR8-5 Parts DR38-8 Parts DR60-10 Parts DC-38 Parts DP-22
tool D-19N tool D-19N D-20N tool D-20N tool D-19N D-20N tool D-19N

*Parts: Parts number
*tool: Application tool

Example of product crimping