Terminal pin removal tool set

Terminal pin removal tool set

Remarkable point 1

Proof of safety & confidence: "MADE IN JAPAN". This product has been sold for 25 years both in Japan and overseas as a terminal removal tool primarily used for transportation equipment such as automobiles.

Remarkable point 2

Adopted carbon tool steel for the axial material. Operability has been improved based on a review of hardness and elastic modulus trying to achieve that applied power for accessing a trans of connector and terminal is conveyed more efficiently to the tip of tools compared with conventionally adopted nickel-chrome-molybdenum steel. In addition, abrasion resistance has been improved too in order to secure longer product lifetime.

Carbon tool steel refers to

an alloy steel mainly containing carbon (0.55%), manganese (0.10%) and silicon (0.10%) in the iron. It is frequently adopted for tools, blades (drill, grinder and knife) and press dies which require to secure both strength and toughness

Steel type Chemical composition (%)
carbon Mangan silicon phosphorus sulfur nickel chromium molybdenum
molybdenum steel
0.12~0.50 0.30~1.20 0.15~0.35 less than 0.030 less than 0.030 0.40~4.50 0.40~3.50 0.15~0.70
Carbon tool steel 0.55~1.50 0.10~0.50 0.10~0.35 less than 0.030 less than 0.030 - - -

Remarkable point 3

We have designed and developed the product to achieve smooth and secure works when removing the terminals inserted in waterproof & non-waterproof connectors. We paid attention to details such as the tip end shape of its shaft.

Without damaging the terminal/housing, it can be easily pulled out. The shape of the shaft tip is specially designed.
A connector and a terminal may be damaged.
Example of products supporting terminal removal tool
250 Brass
female terminal
110 Brass
male terminal
male terminal
060 (FRM) -series
male terminal
070 (FRA) -series
male terminal
070 (FRY) -series
male terminal
090 (FRS) -series
Instruction for use