Crimping tool

Crimping tool for Professional

Remarkable point 1

MADE IN JAPAN, the mark you can trust. From design to manufacturing, the entire product of ours is MADE-IN-JAPAN. We have a sales record of 500 thousand units as tools for car and motorcycle.

Remarkable point 2

Our well-designed tooth achieves exact fitness for the finish. We employ buffing (mirror finish) over tooth parts, which enables tooth with smooth and easy crimping.

Remarkable point 3

The head of our tools is compactly designed in order to increase the efficiency for works in a narrow space (;comparison with the similar tool).

Beneficial advice for crimping crimp wiring terminals (non-waterproof)
Available for following terminals (as an example)
Male Bullet Terminal Female Bullet Terminal Female Dual Socket Bullet Terminal 250 Brass Male Terminal 250 Brass Female Terminal Splice
B-1 B-2 B-16 B-9 B-10 B-48
"High quality" and "High durability" can be achieved because it is a Made-in-Japan product.