Corporate Data

Company Symbol
Company NameHero Electric Co.,Ltd.
PresidentHiroki kato
Date of FoundationJun 1966
Date of EstablishmentAugust 1968
Capital51 million yen
Business ContentsManufacturing and sale of automotive repair parts including wiring terminals, connectors, battery terminals, and crimping tools
Head OfficeKoshigaya-shi Mashimori kogyodanchi,1544-8, Mashimori, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama 343-0012,Japan
ContactPlease use the E-mail for an inquiry.
Customers(in alphabetical order)
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Astemo Aftermarket Japan, Ltd.
UD Trucks Corporation
Main BanksMUFG Bank
Sumitomo Mistui Banking Corporation
Saitama Resona Bank
Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank
The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank

We do not engage in direct sales to end users.

Organization Chart

Brief History

Jun 1966Established in Chiyoda-Ku,Tokyo.Commenced dealing in various connectors.
April 1967Office established in Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo.Created a wire harness division.
August 1968Established Hero Electric Co., Ltd. with capital of 6 million yen.
April 1969A full scale entry into the car repair industry and development of simplecrimp tools for car repair purpose.
Nobember 1970Head office transferred to Ebisu, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo.
Octorber 1972Development of crimp type battery terminal and specific tools.
June 1975Increased capital to 12 million yen.
December 1978Increased capital to 30 million yen.
August 1980Established a manufacturing division in Kawayanagi-Cho, Koshigaya-Shi, Saitama. Transferred stamping division and wire harness division.
August 1983Established a progressive die division.
March 1985Acquired Koshigaya industrial site at Mashimori, Koshigaya-Shi, Saitama Commenced construction of new Saitama factory.
January 1988New Saitama factory construction completed. Transferred press processing division and die division.
December 1988Commenced manufacture and sales of plate type battery terminal.
December 1989Business consolidation of Kawayanagi manufacturing division with theopening of the Saitama factory.
March 1990Development of simple crimp tools used for sealed connector/terminal and commencement of its manufacture and sales.
March 1991Development and installation of automatic counting/packing machine andsubsequent change to an automatic packing format.
March 1998Development and installation of automatic packaging machine capable of packing multiple products.
March 1999Transfer and concentration of the head office function from Ebisu,Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo to Saitama factory for the purpose of constructing a unifyingstructure of manufacture and sales.
May 2003Adoption and installation of an automatic soldering (brazing) Unit 1 machine for plate type battery terminal purpose.
March 2015Adoption and installation of an automatic soldering (brazing) Unit 2 machine for plate type battery terminal purpose.
February 2018Increased capital to 51 million yen.

Regarding the origin of the company name

Our company name is derived from the birthplace of the work station, which opened in 1967.
We adopted the place name of "Hiroo", Shibuya-ku, Tokyo where the work place was located.
Also, it's named after the "hero in the industry (HERO)" which was the strong will that our founder Kenji Seki had for the company to turn in in the future.