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Crimping tool for Professional FRH-07
Crimping tool
How to Crimp Wire Bullet Terminals
Support waterproof crimp wiring terminals for automotive thin wires
For our original product "FRH-07", we designed and developed a
crimping tool that supports electric wires which have
become thinner due to the recent rapid spread of auto-
mobile computerization and supports terminals
for thin wires. It also supports waterproof
crimp wiring terminals based on many
requests, which received good
feedback from both domestic
and overseas profes-
sional mechanics.
Proof of safety & confidence: "MADE IN JAPAN". This is a professional use model that reflects our years of experience we have cultivated as a comprehensive manufacturer of crimp wiring terminals for repairs used primarily for automobiles and motorcycles.  
Our well-designed tooth achieves exact fitness for the finish.We employ buffing over tooth parts, which enables tooth with smooth and easy crimping.
It supports crimping of both non-waterproof open barrel terminals and waterproof open barrel terminals. It realizes an all-round type crimping tool to satisfy the needs in the field based on many requests.
We have developed FRH-07, giving top priority to the reduction of load for workers at the time of crimping. It achieves smooth crimping because it is easy to apply force when the distance from a fulcrum to a tooth form is short and the distance from the fulcrum to a handle is long (the principle of the lever).
Bits of knowledge Precautions when constructing waterproof crimp wiring terminals
Please use a tooth dedicated to FRH-07 when crimping wire seals for the waterproof terminals.
Crimping them with M-type tooth (B-14 etc.) will cause gaps inside the wire seals and spoil the waterproof performance.
Beneficial advice for crimping crimp wiring terminals (non-waterproof)
Available for following terminals (as an exampple)
Male Bullet Terminal Female Bullet Terminal 250 Brass Female Terminal Splice Male terminal (070 series) Female terminal (090 series)
B-1 B-2 B-10 B-48 FRA-103N FRS-102N
How to Crimp Wire Bullet Terminals. How to Crimp Wire Bullet Terminals in an Easy-to-Understand Way
In the past, wire bullet terminals and crimping tools were for professional use, but nowadays they are increasingly being used by the general public.
Crimping a wire bullet terminal requires proper knowledge and skills. Incomplete crimping can lead to poor contact and broken wires.
That's why Hero Electric has prepared this manual with the concept of "making it easy for anyone to understand".
This time, the male bullet terminal (Part No. B-1) is used as an example.
Step 1, Preparing the product
There are two types of Hero Electric crimping tools that can crimp bullet terminals: FRH-07 and B-14. The FRH-07 is used here.
Compatible product
Male bullet terminal Female bullet terminal Male bullet terminal Female bullet terminal insulation sleeve insulation sleeve
Tin-plating (gloss) 24K plating (gold plating)
B-1 B-2 B-1-24K B-2-24K B-3 B-4
The crimping tool is equipped with a cutter to cut the wire, so you can work without nippers or other tools.
If the terminal is attached first, the sleeve will not be able to pass through, so the insulation sleeve should be passed through first. (In this manual, the male terminal is crimped at first, but you may crimp the female terminal first.)
Select the teeth according to the thickness of the core wire. The length of the INS (wire insulation) to strip should be about 1 mm longer (4-5 mm) than the crimped part of the terminal.
Grip the tool until the "CLOSE→←HERE" indications closes, and then pull it in the direction of the arrow to remove the INS (wire insulation).
Lightly pinch and fix the center of the wire core crimping part of the wire bullet terminal (Part No. B-1), and insert the wire into the wire core crimping part.
Crimp the core wire by grasping the tool tightly until "CLOSE→←HERE" is closed.
Crimp the INS (wire insulation) by placing it between the crimping teeth.
Insert the insulation sleeve into the terminal side. Make sure that the wire insulation crimped part of the terminal has been placed in the specified position for the insulation sleeve as shown in the following figure:
The installation procedure for the female terminal is the same as Steps 3 to 8 of the male terminal.
When crimping the insulation presser of the terminal onto the wire insulation, use the "M-shaped" tooth profile for the insulating part.
When crimping a waterproof rubber plug (wire seal), use the "round-type" tooth profile for the insulating part.
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