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Crimping tool for Professional FRH-07
Crimping tool
Support waterproof crimp wiring terminals for automotive thin wires
For our original product "FRH-07", we designed and developed a
crimping tool that supports electric wires which have
become thinner due to the recent rapid spread of auto-
mobile computerization and supports terminals
for thin wires. It also supports waterproof
crimp wiring terminals based on many
requests, which received good
feedback from both domestic
and overseas profes-
sional mechanics.
Proof of safety & confidence: "MADE IN JAPAN". This is a professional use model that reflects our years of experience we have cultivated as a comprehensive manufacturer of crimp wiring terminals for repairs used primarily for automobiles and motorcycles.  
Our well-designed tooth achieves exact fitness for the finish.We employ buffing over tooth parts, which enables tooth with smooth and easy crimping.
It supports crimping of both non-waterproof open barrel terminals and waterproof open barrel terminals. It realizes an all-round type crimping tool to satisfy the needs in the field based on many requests.
We have developed FRH-07, giving top priority to the reduction of load for workers at the time of crimping. It achieves smooth crimping because it is easy to apply force when the distance from a fulcrum to a tooth form is short and the distance from the fulcrum to a handle is long (the principle of the lever).
Bits of knowledge Precautions when constructing waterproof crimp wiring terminals
Please use a tooth dedicated to FRH-07 when crimping wire seals for the waterproof terminals.
Crimping them with M-type tooth (B-14 etc.) will cause gaps inside the wire seals and spoil the waterproof performance.
Beneficial advice for crimping crimp wiring terminals (non-waterproof)
Available for following terminals (as an exampple)
Male Bullet Terminal Female Bullet Terminal 250 Brass Female Terminal Splice Male terminal (070 series) Female terminal (090 series)
B-1 B-2 B-10 B-48 FRA-103N FRS-102N
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