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Crimping tool for Professional B-14 (Crimper)
Crimping tool
Our crimping tool "B-14", since its release in 1968, has
received good feedback from many professional
mechanics, which is consistently "Made in Japan"
from design to manufacturing to meet the
requirements of achieving high-precision
crimping work.
MADE IN JAPAN, the mark you can trust.From design to manufacturing, the entire product of ours is MADE-IN-JAPAN.We have a sales record of 500 thousand units as tools for car and motorcycle.
Our well-designed tooth achieves exact fitness for the finish. We employ buffing (mirror finish) over tooth parts, which enables tooth with smooth and easy crimping.
The head of our tools is compactly designed in order to increase the efficiency for works in a narrow space (;comparison with the similar tool).

Beneficial advice for crimping crimp wiring terminals (non-waterproof)

Available for following terminals (as an exampple)
Male Bullet Terminal Female Bullet Terminal Female Dual Socket Bullet Terminal 250 Brass Male Terminal 250 Brass Female Terminal Splice
B-1 B-2 B-16 B-9 B-10 B-48
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