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Description of Business
Description of Business
Wiring terminal, battery terminal, wiring material,manufacture and sales of various crimp tools.
Sales of connector related parts of various manufacturers and supervisory function.
Manufacture of terminal for automotive and general low current use (stamping ・loose piece)
Design,development and production of crimp tools.
Facility Name Model Number Manufacturer Qty
Wire-Electrical Discharge Machine FX10 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 1 unit
Form Grinding Machine SG-45F II Washino Co.,Ltd. 2 units
Surface Grinding Machine BS818CY Washino Co.,Ltd. 1 unit
Lathe LR-55A Washino Co.,Ltd. 1 unit
Bench Drilling Machine KDS-410 Kitagawa Iron Works Co., Ltd. 1 unit
Milling Machine YZ-8 Yamasaki Giken Co.,Ltd. 1 unit
Band Saw 82D Luxo Co.,Ltd. 1 unit
Tapping Machine KRT-340 Kira Iron Works Co.,Ltd. 1 unit
Projector V-12 Nikon Corporation 1 unit
Automatic Press Machine (20t) DP-K20A Yamada Dobby Co., Ltd. 2 units
Automatic Press Machine (25t) DP-25CS Yamada Dobby Co., Ltd. 1 unit
Automatic Press Machine (35t) OBS35 Komatsu Industries Corp. 1 unit
Press Machine (22t) PC-22 Terasawa Kikai kougyo Co.,Ltd. 2 units
Automatic Soldering (brazing) Machine - Neis Co.,Ltd. 2 unit
Design,development and production of progressive die.
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